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Organic Coffee Infusions & Colonic Irrigation

If you’re still new to the idea of colonic irrigation, the title of this article may have you wondering, how do coffee and colon cleansing go hand in hand? While the answer to this question will be thoroughly explained by the end of this post, the short answer is - in more ways than you think!

As weird as it may seem to use the same stuff that jumpstarts your day each morning down below (you know what we mean), it’s actually a popular practice around the world. So, if you’re curious about organic coffee-infused colonic sessions and the wealth of benefits they offer the body, continue reading below to learn why so many have turned to this type of holistic hydrotherapy.

What is a Coffee-Infused Colonic?

As the name suggests, coffee-infused colonic irrigation is simply having your colon cleansed with a carefully balanced, detoxifying blend of purified water and organic coffee. While it’s certainly possible to use just about any store-bought coffee brand, here at the Cleansing Waters Colonics, we use only certified organic coffee to achieve the best results for our patients during each session (more on this in the next section).

Just as traditional colonic irrigation aids the colon and body in countless ways, the addition of organic coffee during treatment allows the cleansing and detoxifying process to become even more effective. Believe it or not, coffee enemas have actually been in use since the mid to late 1800s, with multiple cases documented by prominent medical establishments such as the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal and the well-respected Mayo.

Coffee-infused colon cleanses have even been listed as recommended treatments for postoperative abdominal patients and those experiencing shock in numerous medical and nursing textbooks, including the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy in 1972. Traveling further back in time, we can find evidence of colon cleansing in the Dead Sea Scrolls which outlines a method they used more than 2,000 years ago.

Today, thousands of people around the world regularly partake in coffee-infused colonic irrigation sessions to improve their health and overall sense of wellbeing.

Why We Only Use Organic Coffee Infusions

Just as you probably have a preferred brand and roast of coffee, when it comes to colonic irrigation, the type of coffee used during treatment can have a dramatic effect on the ways your body will benefit. Here at the Cleansing Waters Colonics, we solely use coffee that’s processed with the highest of standards. This includes everything from the way the beans are grown and fermented, to the way they’re roasted and processed for delivery.

The last piece of the puzzle is our dedication to strictly use organic coffee that’s free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Because the coffee will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream during treatment, using an organic infusion ensures your body is only exposed to beneficial properties.

The Benefits of a Coffee Colonic

By this point, you may be wondering - can’t I enjoy all of the same benefits by simply drinking a cup or two every day? Unfortunately not. By the time coffee reaches the lower digestive tract, it’s already been severely diluted by the stomach and upper GI, greatly reducing the beneficial effects you’ll experience.

When receiving coffee directly through the means of colonic irrigation, your body gets introduced to a number of beneficial compounds that can be absorbed and used in a way traditional consumption can never achieve. Below, we’ve covered some of the most well-documented benefits of coffee-infused colonic hydrotherapy sessions.


Detoxifying the colon and digestive tract serves as one of the top reasons most patients partake in colonic irrigation sessions. To aid in these efforts, the introduction of coffee to a hydrotherapy treatment has been shown to reduce systemic toxicity by as much as 700%, according to the National Research Council. This is largely linked to coffee’s ability to stimulate the release of bile, which, in turn, aids the liver’s detoxification efforts by stimulating the release of GST, a powerful enzyme that binds to toxins in the body so they can be flushed out.

Though there still needs to be more research, some doctors also believe that coffee’s astringent nature helps remove the top layer of mucous membrane in the colon and digestive tract, eliminating the toxins that have become trapped inside.


Coffee-infused colonic sessions help cleanse the colon of parasites, bacteria, yeast, and other waste by stimulating peristalsis, altering the colon’s temperature, and providing a more thorough cleaning of the diverticula.

All of these changes work together in combination with the astringent nature of coffee, introducing cleansing properties that are much more effective than traditional, water-based colonic irrigation.


Even though coffee is a stimulant, coffee has actually be found to have a relaxing effect on the body’s sympathetic nervous system. Between the nutrients found in coffee, stimulation of the large intestines and liver (two very important parasympathetic organs), and the removal of toxin buildup, many patients have reported that they feel very relaxed after a treatment.

It’s also believed that the extended nature of colonic irrigation sessions causes one's focus and energy concentration to shift downward and inspire a therapeutic state.


Coffee is packed with beneficial antioxidants that help to eliminate sources of oxidation in the colon as well as the liver. Toxic forms of iron, copper, manganese, aluminum, and other common minerals are some of the most common culprits that periodic coffee-infused colonic sessions can reduce, lessening the need to supplement antioxidants through dietary means.


The colon is home to countless “reflex points” that link to various tissues and organs in the body. Over time, these reflex points can become “blocked” and cause all kinds of problems in other areas of the body. Coffee-infused colonic irrigation helps to clear blockages and restore balance, resulting in greatly reduced or the complete elimination of disorders elsewhere.

Your Next Steps

Now that you know all about organic coffee infusions and how they can further benefit your body during a colonic irrigation treatment, it’s time to take action.

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