Butt Lift

Vacuum Butt Lift

The buttocks, on an aesthetic level, are one of the most problematic areas of the body for most women as this is where cellulite and excessive fat
accumulate due to the passage of time, this area of the body loses its firmness and changes shape due to lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle causing the buttocks to flatten and start to sag.
With this Protocol, The Delfín® Enhancement Cups reshape and tone the buttocks, moving the excess fat to the desired position of the gluteal

6 sessions (2-3 times a week) minimum for best results

Vacuum Butt Lift Pkg - Buy 6 Get 1 Free - $510

Vacuum Butt Lift (Weekend Lift) Session- $95

Body Contouring and Reshaping

Throughout life the human body is continually changing its shape due to many
different conditions such as: lack of postural awareness, changes in diet, a
sedentary lifestyle, wearing clothes that are too tight which all can create
changes in the silhouette of the body and can change what once was muscle
into an accumulation of unwanted localized deposits of fat.

6 sessions (2-3 times a week) minimum for best results

Body Reshaping  Pkg - Buy 6 Get 1 Free - $450


Recommended for client with thin to medium build, with areas of localized fat deposits in the abdominal area